Dip insertion machine RGS

  1. Save plug-in manpower, directly reduce labor costs, and reduce labor shortages and problems caused by the implementation of new labor laws.
  2. Improved production efficiency, machine production speed is much faster than manual labor, and the speed is stable, easy to grasp the production progress
  3. The overall quality of the product is improved, errors such as wrong insertion and missing insertion are extremely low, the stability is not affected by human beings, and the quality is consistent.
  4. High efficiency and good quality — “Enterprise competitiveness is improved.
  5. Improve the corporate image, be more convincing, and win more orders from customers
  6. The short-leg operation of the machine plug-in, automatic cutting, and bending of the feet, reduces the tin material taken away by the pins during soldering, saves the amount of tin, and the quality of the coal points is good, and greatly reduces the workload of rework and repair welding, and improves the product quality. .
  7. With mounted components, save pre-processing procedures.