Hanwha Feeder 44mm

Model Parameter
Part Number GT-SM-44
Application models ALL models of hanwha SM Series
Main material aluminium alloy
Positioning method double pitch guide rail positioning
Type Electric Feeder
Voltage DC 24V
Current 0.5A | 2,5A Max
Feeding speed 68ms/pc 4mm spacing (80000 CPH)
Application Package 8/12/16/24/32/44/56mm standard smt package
Aging Test 1000 hours of continuous work without exception
Service Life 20k hours MIL-HDBK-217F(25℃)


High-Quality Hanwha pick and place machine feeder

  1. Component Compatibility: Hanwha feeders are designed to handle a wide range of electronic components, including surface-mount devices (SMDs) and through-hole components. They can accommodate various sizes, shapes, and packaging types.
  2. Feeders Types: Hanwha offers different feeder types, such as tape feeders, tray feeders, stick feeders, and bulk feeders. Each type is suitable for specific component packaging and presentation requirements.
  3. Quick Changeover: Hanwha feeders are often designed for easy and efficient changeover between different component types or sizes. This allows operators to minimize downtime and increase productivity during production runs that involve multiple component types.
  4. Versatile Component Presentation: Hanwha feeders typically provide mechanisms to present components accurately for pick-up by the pick and place head. They may incorporate features like vibration, suction, or mechanical mechanisms to ensure precise component alignment and positioning.
  5. Capacity and Flexibility: Hanwha feeders come in various capacities to hold different quantities of components. They may also offer adjustable pitch settings to handle components with varying spacing requirements.
  6. Component Verification: Some Hanwha feeders may include sensors or vision systems to verify component presence, orientation, or quality before they are picked up by the pick and place head. This helps prevent placement errors and improves production quality.
  7. Software Integration: Hanwha pick and place machines often come with software that allows for easy programming, control, and management of the feeder operations. The software may provide features such as component inventory management, feeder allocation, and production optimization.


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